What is the Labor Link?

The Labor Link is a rope device approximately three feet long. It is constructed with polypropylene rope and has clear, vinyl handles. The rope body between the handles is covered with a colorful fabric 'scrunchy'. You can write identification information on the back of the tag. The Labor Link comes with it's own mesh laundry bag that also doubles as a carry-bag. The whole device is completely washable and is designed to be used time and again.


The Labor Link has great potential for shortening second stage by helping the mother focus her pushes and get the most out of each one. Birth attendants know full well the benefit of an efficient second stage. The eye contact with whoever partners with her on the other end of the Labor Link is invaluable for her emotional support.




-Innovative -Midwives
-Versatile -Childbirth Educators
-Durable -Doulas
-Washable -Doctors
-Affordable -Labor Nurses


The Labor Link has been called 'truly revolutionary'. It's actually a new twist on the old technique of tying knots in the ends of a sheet for the pushing stage. The mother would hold one knot and someone else would hold the other. The Labor Link is far more efficient, with clear, vinyl handles designed specifically for comfort and durability. Colorful and bright, the Labor Link is an attractive addition to any birth setting.

Doctors and labor nurses, you will want a Labor Link closeby in every room!

You can use a Labor Link in any birth place: the tub, the birth stool or in the bed. The Labor Link is very lightweight so you can hang it around your neck (like a stethoscope) while you're waiting for second stage.

Childbirth educators - This is an excellent tool for your classes.

You will want to order several to coordinate with your scrubs or your birth room decor!

This is an excellent tool to be demonstrated in childbirth classes where pregnant couples can become familiar with it well before labor begins. It is a must for the midwife's birth bag and it is the doula's friend as she accompanies the woman to the hospital.


Labor Links Make Great Gifts!

Help women push more effectively-

Give them the Labor Link!

The Labor Link is a 'must-have' for first-time mother's hospital bag.
And dad's love them too! Dads feel like they are taking part in the actual birth experience.


Because the Labor Link is so simple, it creates a new confidence for birthing couples as they anticipate their birth experience. It is another means of bolstering their assurance for success.

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