I love the concept and design of the Labor Link. I know women and their attendants will want to use this in all settings—home, birth centers and hospitals.
Barbara Harper, RN, Director Waterbirth International  (Portland, Oregon)

When the nurses at Dunlap Memorial Hospital in Orrville, Ohio saw the Labor Link, they immediately said, "Thank goodness we don't have to use rolled up bed sheets or towels anymore. This really makes sense."
Barbara Harper, RN,Director Waterbirth International

The Labor Link makes perfect sense and works wonderfully. It's just what we need to help mothers during the pushing stage.
Holly Steiner, RN

I couldn't believe the difference in my pushes after I started using the Labor Link—it was like night and day! I loved the eye contact with my midwife at the other end. I would recommend it to anyone.
Ari, Mom who used the Labor Link

What a difference in the pushing effort when a woman is using the Labor Link! She has much more control and focus with every push.
Debby Schneider, Midwife

With my first baby I pushed for some time before the midwife suggested I use the Labor Link. What a difference! Using it really helped me concentrate my pushes. I loved using it.
Anastasia, First-time Mom

After a long labor with my first baby, I ended up with an epidural. The Labor Link helped me make the most of my pushes. I was glad there was one at the hospital for me to use.
Lalia, mom

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