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  • How does the Labor Link work?
    The Labor Link helps the mother focus and direct every push efficiently, potentially shortening the second stage of labor.
  • Who Purchases Labor Links?
    Labor and delivery nurses, childbirth educators, clinics, midwives, hospitals, doulas, doctors, expectant parents. They make great gifts for birth professionals and a very unique gift for a birthing couple. They were designed for those giving birth and those assisting with birth.
  • Can the Labor Link be used more than once?
    Yes. The Labor Link is completely washable and comes with its own mesh laundry bag and instruction brochure. The high quality design means your Labor Link can be used repeatedly.
  • Why are there 2 handles?
    Nurse, Dad, midwife or whoever is holding the opposite handle provides counter pressure for the powerful pulls by the birthing mother. This person is positioned eye-to-eye with the mother and able to speak words of encouragement to her, enabling her to stay focused.
  • Does the labor Link work if you’ve had an epidural?
    Yes. The Labor Link is especially helpful when an epidural has been administered because it facilitates focused pushing when the medication reduces the urge to push.
  • Do most hospitals have Labor Links for you to use?
    Not currently, so remember to take your own. It is best to pack it in the bag you plan to take when your labor starts.
  • Can I buy a Labor Link in stores?
    No, they are only available online.
  • What is the return policy?
    Our return policy: Product may be returned in new condition within 30 days of receipt.
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