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Hospital Bag Essentials

It’s almost d-day!! What are you packing in your hospital bag? Clothes for you, dad, baby. Munchies. Maybe some essential oils and a diffuser. How about a birth ball and a hand massager? Oh, and how about some lotion for a dreamy foot rub to help stimulate labor?

Toiletries, camera and, of course cell phones and chargers. A few more munchies and you’re good to go! But, wait! There’s one more essential for your hospital bag – your Labor Link! Don’t have one yet? This amazing tool for birth is indispensable for the pushing stage and gives you a great advantage for the most difficult portion of your labor. It’s totally low tech and easy to use. Momma simply pulls firmly on one handle while she’s bearing down with a contraction and dad, doula or whoever pulls firmly on the other handle as long as the contraction lasts. It’s that simple!

This indispensable tool provides a sure advantage to help focus strong pushes with every contraction. The simplicity of design of the Labor Link allows anyone to use it successfully to assist the mother with the pushing stage of labor.

Check it out on Facebook, Amazon or click to shop and choose from a variety of colors and fabrics.

Happy birthing!

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