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Why Labor Link?

For generations, birth attendants have fashioned a “pull” for women when they begin pushing by tying large knots in both ends of a sheet. The mother pulled on one knot and the midwife, dad, or whoever pulled on the other, helping the woman focus all her strength with each push to move the baby through the birth canal as expediently as possible. Now, the low-tech Labor Link is an old idea made new to help put birth literally back into the hands of women! The design for the Labor Link sprang to life when Pam asked her husband, Greg, to help her create something to replace tying knots in sheets.

Having worked in the medical environment for a number of years, I know low-tech wonders are few and far between. However, Labor Link is one of those wonders - low maintenance, no repairs, no specialized training, and it is what it says it will do!

Cathy Gedicks




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